Monday, January 28, 2019

Everything That's Wrong With the World: Right Now Edition

Watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix over the weekend. I only understood about 10% of what they were talking about -- what’s a Gigi Hadid, Major Lazer, Ja Rule, influencer, etc.? -- but I’m guessing like most of you, the only people I have any sympathy for are the Bahamians who got stiffed for all their hard work. Shouldn’t it have been called “Schadenfreude: The Movie”? I can't for the life of me figure out how we got to a place where people are more interested in how they look online than how happy they are in their real lives, but that's where we are. We'll probably check out the Hulu one at some point. I heard Billy McFarland was paid to sit down for an interview -- not really interested in what a sociopath has to say, but that money had better not have wound up in his pockets -- and that it answers some other questions, although I'm not sure what that could be. 

My boyfriend’s takeaway: It’s time to shut down the internet. 

P.S. We actually started to try to watch “Get Me Roger Stone” in honor of someone finally getting indicted over Hillary’s emails -- and were considering making an exception on hearing Trump’s voice since it was from before he fraudulently became president -- but then Tucker Carlson popped up on screen and we just couldn’t deal with looking at that frozen-food heiress’s face. 

I reckon the Michael Jackson documentary will be next on our list. If *only* there had been some way of knowing something was amiss ... 

 “Like [alleged victim Wade] Robson, [James] Safechuck says he was instructed by Jackson never to tell anyone about the abuse, which occurred between 1988 and 1992. Safechuck began to think he was gay until he developed a crush on one of Jackson’s backup dancers, Sheryl Crow. But, the complaint says, Jackson was displeased by this and showed Safechuck pictures of Crow without makeup to try to convince the boy she was unattractive.”

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Matthew said...

Yeah, Jacko was NO fan of "heifers."

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