Friday, December 07, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Quit' (live) by the Waitresses

We just finished all four seasons of "WKRP in Cincinnati," a show I'd barely watched back in the day, even in reruns. It had all the hallmarks of an MTM production -- endearingly quirky characters, laughs that come from knowing the people, not from obvious "jokes" and smart dialogue. But as much as I enjoyed the series, seeing all of the various records and promotional items displayed in the deejay booth -- including the Pretenders, Blondie, the Go-Go's, Motels, Quarter Flash, Joan Armatrading, the Tubes and so on -- might have been my favorite part of all ... with Johnny Fever flipping through a stack that included the Waitresses' "Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?" perhaps the best of all!

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