Thursday, December 27, 2018

Remains of the Day (12/27)

Towleroad: Disney's first "out" LGBT character is played by a straight man -- and never says he's gay

Instagram: Borna Coric ate too much over the holidays and it all went to his ass

The New York Times: Trump unites the left and right, against his plans in Syria and Afghanistan

The Washington Post: Clarence Thomas's wife has been pushing conspiracy theories and partisan invective on Facebook, but it hasn't hurt her standing in Washington's conservative elite (shocker)

Instagram: Aaron Schock gets physical with a hunky male model in West Hollywood

Men's Journal: Justin is still Therouxly hot 

Chris Stein: This footage of Debbie Harry and Robert Fripp is the most incredible thing a Blondie fan will see all decade

The Randy Report: Crazy Donald visits troops in Iraq, lies to them about pay increase, revels Navy Seal team and pisses off Iraq 

The Hill: Wouldn't an information campaign about Roy Moore have been more effective?

Boy Culture: Go behind the scenes with the Greeks Come True calendar!

Instagram: How do I sign up to be a judge for this?

Daily Intelligencer: Cellphone data puts Michael Cohen in Prague and Trump-Russia collusion on the table

Hot Slut of the Day: Hal, the Saint of Fathers, who took six Delta flights on Christmas just to be with his flight-attendant daughter

Greg in Hollywood: Billie Lourd pays tribute to mom Carrie Fisher two years after her death

OMG Blog: Glenn Klauber from "Bromans" is naked ... again

Hot Cats of the Day: Two of Harvey's cousins -- Josie and Mimi -- quench their thirsts in their bathroom sink, a favorite spot of their recently deceased brother, Sylvester. (Brother Oreo died in 2016)


barryearle said...

Why are you giving Aaron Schock any PR? He's a useless piece of crap who used taxpayer dollars for his elaborate lifestyle and now offers nothing but his body. Enough already. Stop promoting him!

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

I'm calling out his anti-gay hypocrisy ... one hot photo at a time.

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