Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Remains of the Day (12/05)

The WoW Report: I know what I'd be doing tomorrow if I lived in Los Angeles!

YouTube: World leaders cannot even believe how stupid Donald Trump is

The Washington Post: Trump uses eight-vehicle motorcade to travel 250 yards to greet George W. Bush

Instagram: Sex bomb Alex Spanos puts the "strength" in strength coach

Motherboard: Nearly 250 pages of devastating internal Facebook documents posted online by U.K. Parliament

New York Post: James Rackover gets life in prison for murder of Connecticut man

Towleroad: Beto O'Rourke met with Barack Obama at D.C. offices

The Randy Report: "The Cher Show" opens on Broadway, complete with Ms. Sarkisian-LaPiere-Bono-Allman onstage 

Baseline: Kyle Edmund shows off his soccer skills

Boy Culture: ES Collection's Bon Voyage swimsuit campaign will have you packing for the tropics (or reaching for the lube)

Instagram: Who better to be on the cover of a gym chain's magazine than Karen Khachanov?

Washington Blade: Mexico's LGBTQ community has high expectations for new president

OMG Blog: Jason from "Naked Attraction" is uncut and uncensored

Outsports: Win a date with a former college football player and other hot bachelors tonight in New York City

Queerty: What does Tumblr's ban on X-rated content mean for recovering porn addicts like this guy?

Hot Cat of the Day: Cat got your tree?


northalabama said...

i suddenly find myself in need of extensive, private, personal strength coaching. :-)

jaragon said...

Love to see more of that strength coat in private

jaragon said...

The coach is 25, 5'10' 210 lbs but I do wish his Instagram was a bit more revealing

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