Friday, December 07, 2018

Remains of the Day (11/07)

Towleroad: "I'd like to see the 'in-between' photo, please"

NBC News: The North Carolina Republican who hired a guy to steal a congressional seat never even paid the guy for his successful work!

Dlisted: Kevin Hart steps down as Oscar host after furor over past homophobic statements that he doesn't seem to get

The Daily News: Cop semen in a water bottle? I'd need more information before I got upset here

The Randy Report: Trump's former secretary of state says Donald is "undisciplined" with an instinct to violate law 

Instagram: How do students concentrate with a teacher packing a pair of blue jeans like this?

Boy Culture: Bisexual Buzzcocks singer Pete Shelley, of "Ever Fallen in Love" and "Homosapien" fame, dies at 63 (that's Debbie Harry with the band in 1978)

Instagram: I want to be involved in these Dominic Thiem workouts!

The WoW Report: "It was the worst f**k of my life," says gay male escort "James" about Rick Perry

The Washington Post: Trump confirms he will pick for attorney general a guy who wrote an op-ed saying firing Comey was the right thing to do and a former "Fox & Friends" host as U.N. ambassador

New York Post: Coach accused of exposing himself: I just drive with my pants unbuttoned

Baseline: Amelie Mauresmo will be coaching Lucas Pouille in 2019, and Marion Bartoli will be working with Lucie Wargnier

AmericaBlog: The Bernie Bros are already attacking Beto (and here we go)

CNBC: Robert Mueller to reveal new details in Manafort and Cohen inquiries on Friday

Back2Stonewall: Indiana high school sued over not allowing the words "gay," "lesbian," "GSA" or "gay-straight alliance" in the name of a gay-straight alliance

OMG Blog: Jean-Luc Bubert goes full frontal in "Wintermärchen"

Vulture: Richard E. Grant on his Golden Globe nomination for "Can You Ever Forgive Me?," which I'm still dying to see

Hunk du Jour: Thakur Wint is ginger-lickin' good

Hot Cat of the Day: About the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my entire life ...


Unknown said...

Twink? Aren't twinks, bu definition, without body hair?

Myk said...

That kitty and donkey video was adorable - and I'm not particularly a cat person. But so sweet!

northalabama said...

kenneth, there are several incredible in-between pics on his instagram:

that aside, as long as he's healthy and happy, i'm happy for him. ;-)

The Polar Beast said...

The "transformation" of that young man is disturbing. He is going to be miserable come 50 especially if he is diabetic and impotent.

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