Thursday, November 15, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Danceway' by Blondie

They're having a poll over on the Blondie / Debbie Harry Facebook Fan Club to name your favorite song off "The Hunter." Longtime Blondie fans knows all about the album's much-maligned reputation -- the band was unraveling when it was recorded, which was done more out of contract obligation than artistic expression. But when I went to give my answer I realized the record -- which admittedly pales in comparison to the group's first five -- is much stronger than even I had given it credit for. Although "Danceway" is a standout -- as songs written by Jimmy Destri often are -- I just as easily could have picked "War Child" or "(Can I) Find the Right Words (to Say)," with "Dragonfly" (which I only began to really appreciate in the past few years), their jilted Bond theme, "For Your Eyes Only," "English Boys" (I know some find it schmaltzy but I adore it) or "The Beast" right behind. 

So Blondie fans: What's YOUR favorite song on "The Hunter"?

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Fred said...

I always say that I would love to hear the material on The Hunter, with the production that Eat to the Beat had. There is no real muscle to the tracks. That said, the songs are fairly decent. I STILL cant get into Dragonfly, and even Orchid Club was a slow grower for me. Love Island of Lost Souls, War Child, Danceway, English Boys, and The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game. Thought Find the Right Words and For Your Eyes Only were decent, and the Beast could also have been better. But Dragonfly still has not clicked with me. Even Little Caesar is better... THAT SAID, I think The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game is one of the strongest cuts.