Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Remains of the Day (11/14)

New York Post: Chris Watts's parents blame his (murdered) pregnant wife for murders of family

Page Six: Matt Damon and his pecs leave sweet tip at chocolate restaurant

The New York Times: As Florida recount swirls, Andrew Gillum is taking a public stand on voting rights

YouTube: Watch Tom Daley teach hunky British bodybuilder Joe Delaney to dive

The WoW Report: "This is where we are in 2018: We're congratulating a kid for not being a Nazi"

Greg in Hollywood: Celebrate Russell Tovey's 37th birthday with a look back at many of his steamy on-screen kisses

Towleroad: Check out three new episodes of "Jaded," examining San Francisco's gay hook-up culture

The Randy Report: Hate crimes are up again

Dlisted: Now Bill Cosby will stand trial for sexual assault of a minor

Homorazzi: Philippe Belanger certainly qualifies as an "Insta-stud"

Instinct: The bare-naked chef, Adrian De Beradinis, is touring with Michelle Obama

Boy Culture: Behold Parker Gregory in a pair of tighty whities

TV Line: I was obsessed with the "Dirty John" story and podcast, but critic Dave Nemetz says Connie Britton deserves better than the Bravo TV adaptation

Gr8er Days: Remembering Mr. Sitcom: Sherwood Schwartz!

Jeremiah's Vanishing New York: Two Boots Pizza has been seized for "nonpayment of taxes"

OMG Blog: A Russian deep-sea fisherman posts photos of the creatures he finds at the bottom of the ocean and people can't even believe what they're seeing

Baseline: Accused rapist Cristiano Ronaldo spotted ATP Finals in London

The Daily News: "SNL" vet Darrell Hammond opens up about abuse, recovery and humor with his "Cracking Up" documentary

Hot Cat of the Day: Water, what water?

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