Friday, November 09, 2018

Remains of the Day (11/09)

The Sun: $4,300-per-night male escort reveals what his clients really want (I wanna play with his ... cat!)

The Daily News: HIV-infected Thai man accused of raping scores of teen boys

The New York Times: Trump claims he doesn't know his new pick for AG, even though Matt Whitaker has visited the Oval Office several times and is said to have "chemistry" with the oft-bankrupt businessman

Towleroad: Michael C. Hall is totally straight, but clickbait journalism has made him the latest "sexually fluid" celebrity

New York Post: Gay man dies after injecting silicone in genitals, mom blames sex ‘cult’ master

TMZ: Caitlyn Jenner's Malibu home transitions to ash

Tumblr: The Chris Pine penis gifs have begun to, um, leak ...

CNBC: Crazy Donald jumps into tight Senate races wielding conspiracy theories

Boy Culture: Jacked Mac dances for his father, finds his pride 

Greg in Hollywood: Photo tribute by Maya Rudolph to late mom Minnie Riperton really got to me

Hunk du Jour: Sahib Faber does a Speedo justice

Gothamist: Here are NYC's 2019 Michelin star winners

Hot Cat of the Day: A cat in Luxembourg has probably broken into a costume shop to find a dog disguise it can wear now that pussy no longer can show its face among its own kind. Find out why HERE.

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jaragon said...

Mr Pine looks fine but you think there would be less manscaping in 11th century Scotland.

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