Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Foresight Is 2020

I guess it's officially "not too soon" to start thinking about this. Even before DNAgate, I always felt Elizabeth Warren's schoolmarm persona wouldn't work as a presidential candidate, and I still feel that way. (She's perfect for the Senate -- and maybe as a veep.) Surprised Kirsten Gillibrand isn't on the list, even if I'm not saying I'd want her to be. (Again, perfect in the Senate.) Beyond that, I'd add Rep. Eric Swalwell to the list. There are so many good things about Sherrod Brown -- it's just too bad he sounds like McGruff the Crime Dog. And I love seeing Amy Klobuchar so high on the list -- plus we know she's never blacked out drinking! That's about all for now. I'm sure I'll have stronger opinions as we more along. Who are your picks? (There's a robust discussion on my Facebook account HERE.)


Myk said...

Yes - it's too soon! Waaaaaaaaaaaay too soon.

California Dreamin’ said...


Stephen said...

It's a big no for Warren.