Monday, October 29, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Honey (Touch Me With My Clothes On)' by Gilda Radner

Damian and I watched "Love, Gilda" last night -- so funny how I've gone from being an "I'll only watch a movie in the theater" guy to an "I'll only do video-on-demand" guy -- and it was every bit as heartwarming and heart-wrenching as you would imagine it would be. I've written about my childhood love for Gilda many times before, how my mom bought me the Gilda paper dolls for Christmas in 1979 and how I inexplicably broke down down in tears when I heard the news that she'd married G.E. Smith in 1980. But the documentary, featuring tons of rare footage -- Dan Aykroyd used to be hot??? -- and dozens of handwritten journal entries by the beloved comedian revealed even more about her fragility and insecurities than I was aware of, rendering her that much more lovable than she already was. I've used "Honey" as my song of the day before. But after hearing it in the documentary last night -- and realizing just how closely its heartbreakingly romantic nature wrapped as a joke mirrored Gilda herself -- I trust you'll forgive me for picking it again. 

P.S. OMG! Watch it before it's pulled down again -- Patti Caldwell's "Stretch Marks" commercial is online again!

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