Friday, October 26, 2018

Remains of the Day (10/26)

Boy Culture: Caricature of a Trump supporter arrested in series of mail-letter bombs sent to Democrats

Washington Blade: Matthew Shepard's ashes interred at National Cathedral, giving him a 'home that is safe' 20 years after brutal murder

Towleroad: Antoni Porowski of "Queer Eye" splits with boyfriend of seven years

The Randy Report: How Caitlyn Jenner (nee Bruce) went from a national hero to a stupid bitch

The Washington Post: A young "hustler" was fished from the Mississippi River in 1982 -- now the case has taken a chilling turn

OMG Blog: The worst bootleg Halloween costumes you will ever see!

The New York Times: Hugh Jackman breaks the movie star rules and doesn't care

Baseline: Sloane Stephens shares six weird facts about herself

Dlisted: McDonald's has brought the McRib out of retirement again

The Express: Of course Sinead O'Connor has converted to Islam

Greg in Hollywood: Dylan McDermott is still one sexy man

Instinct: Get a load of this hot ass in the Berlin-set gay thriller "M/M"

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Squares & Rebels: Dan Callahan will be reading from his nostalgia-filled novel "That Was Something" at Club Cumming in the East Village on Monday, Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. 

BosGuy: Thank God it's Furry Friday

Deep Dish: 101 scary films for a Halloween movie night

Hunk du Jour: Adam Philips is the hunkest man you've ever seen halfway out of a tux

Gr8er Days: The "Poltergiest" curse continues ... oh, wait

Decider: Here's all the dumb s**t Megyn Kelly did during her 21 months at NBC

Hot Cat of the Day: God, I wish he were a regular at Julius'!

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Stephen said...

Cute Kitty. Back in 80s and 90s in Houston, there was a kitty that lived at a bar called "Mary's".His name was Balls. He would sit on same bar stool each day.

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