Thursday, September 27, 2018

Remains of the Day (09/27)

The New York Times: After 40-plus years in rock, Joan Jett is as fierce and defiant as ever -- a new documentary charts her pathbreaking rise

Instagram: Tim Tebow and his sexy football player man friends

The Daily News: In emotional testimony, Christine Blasey Ford debunks right-wing theory she mistook Brett Kavanaugh for a "lookalike"

Baseline: When cute tennis players visit cute panda bears

Towleroad: Brett Kavanaugh had a gay roommate at Yale

Boy Culture: A tribute to Jake Gyllenhaal's hotness

The Randy Report: Barbra Streisand announces new album, "Walls" Great Britain, Argentina win Davis Cup wild-card lottery

Deep Dish: Here's a blond I'd like to have more fun with

The Washington Post: Fox News anchor says Kavanaugh case prompted his own daughters to reveal their stories

ET: Marcia Cross reveals she is "healthy" and "happy" as she recovers from anal cancer

OMG Blog: What straight guys really think about their butts

New York Post: Jeff Flake is now getting death threats over Kavanaugh hearing (I guess that answers why he isn't doing more)

Daily Intel: The backlash to the backlash at The New York Review of Books

BosGuy: Where do I sign up to lick him?

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jaragon said...

Saint Timmy knows where to find the hot guys- that's why he still hanging out with the minor league Mets- just imagine how much fun he must have in those showers...