Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Remains of the Day (09/04)

Rachel Dratch's Late-Night Snack: I think we're all ready for a CryoNap

The Washington Post: Incredibly stupid people are destroying their Nike gear (that they already paid for) instead of donating it to the veterans they claim to support so much to protest the Colin Kaepernick "Just Do It" campaign -- in which the athletic-wear company is practicing exactly what it's preaching

The Arizona Republic: Former U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl will be John McCain's successor in the Senate

Gr8er Days: "Odd Couple" sweetie Carole Shelley dies at 79

The Daily New: Aretha Franklin's family slams pastor's "offensive and distasteful" eulogy

Boy Culture: Nobody compares with the great Lypsinka

Deep Dish: Now if only he'd remove that strategically place hat ...

Bloodsport: Your eyes will thank you for watching Jean-Claude Van Damme squeeze into a pair of burgundy bikini briefs

Deadspin: Tanking master Bernard Tomic is back on his bullshit

CNN: Bob Woodward's new book paints a picture of an unhinged Trump coddled and lied to by staff

The New York Times: The Gray Lady endorses Andrew Cuomo for governor 

Chicago Tribune: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will not seek re-election

OMG Blog: Mark Gerber bares all in 1994's "Sirens"

Hot Cat of the Day: The world really does revolve around cats ...

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SFRowGuy said...

re: Bloodsport and CJVD, Did he pull it off? Now that's talent.

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