Thursday, August 23, 2018

When Kenny Met Chrissie

A dream come true meeting the incomparable Chrissie Evert tonight -- my face says it all! My childhood was spent rooting for her versus everyone -- except Tracy for a little while (sorry!). How lucky we are to still have her close to the game up in the booth -- she and Pam need to take that show on the road! #legend #unblockkenneth212

With moderator Michael Lynagh, who had a noted career in Aussie rugby union

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Craig said...

Couldn't disagree more. Her constant comments that begin with, "What she should do ..." are laughable coming from a player who was impervious to the same advice. I enjoyed watching her as a player but not in the booth. Also loved Tracy as a player and her analysis in the booth is insightful. And I thought I would never say this but Martina's commentary has improved vastly and is listenable now. Favorite hate, hands down, is Mary Carillo. What a windbag, always has bias, jingoistic, and blathers on and on.

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