Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Remains of the Day (08/08)

Baseline: Venus Williams's personal goal is to "actually have a life" one day

The Hill: Prosecutors portray GOP congressman as a brazen lawbreaker

Towleroad: Sex bomb Nyle DiMarco shows off his diving skills

HuffPost: This woman could be America's first openly transgender governor

Reductress: Quiz: Is he cute or is he just tall and white?

The New York Times: Trump’s lawyers counter Mueller’s interview offer, seeking narrower scope

The Root: Now the cops are Tasing 11-year-old girls suspected of shoplifting (bet you’ll never guess what color she is)

Dlisted: Jerry O'Connell's apology about the name of his new Bravo show portends our also losing the 2020 presidential election

New York Post: Teen who left fetus on plane may have had botched abortion

BosGuy: Who knew Einstein was into rimming?

Metrosource: The CW has its lesbian Batwoman: out actress Ruby Rose

Tennis Life: Peng Shuai busted by the Tennis Anti-Corruption unit

Boy Culture: Out Tony winner John Glines dies at 84

Daily Intel: Kids in desert compound were trained to commit school shootings

The WoW Report: Fabulous new Surge underwear campaign celebrates all body types

The Village Voice: Will New York's new Airbnb law stop illegal listings?

Hot Cat of the Day: This little narcissist is no myth!

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I so want Harpo Catz.