Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Remains of the Day (08/01)

Towleroad: GOP lawmaker used nude photos of ex-girlfriend to "Catfish" men into having "graphic sexual discussions" (UPDATE: He resigned)

People: Man jailed for killing Serena and Venus Williams's sister Yetunde Price was released this year -- then apparently re-arrested

Instagram: I'd give anything for my brother Bill to see Dominic Thiem playing table tennis like we used to in our basement and later garage -- hitting two-handed backhands! 

The Hill: Trump's obstruction of justice tour continues with call to Sessions to 'stop this rigged witch hunt right now'

Dlisted: Tyson Beckford still looks good in just a bow-tie

TPM: Top House Republican says man killed his wife "because the woman was unfair"

The New York Times: Alaska Airlines apologizes to gay couple asked to move for straight couple, but still denies discrimination was a factor

OMG Blog: Fashion model Tomas Skoloudik definitely isn’t circumcised

Daily Intel: Kim Jong Un isn't denuclearizing and he also isn't returning the bodies of 200 U.S. servicemen. Other than that, Trump secured a great deal.

YouTube: Will cousin Oliver join the final season of "Where the Bears Are"?

The Village Voice: Nobody will shut up about Hannah Gadsby, who was good (in small doses) in "Please Like Me”

Gothamist: Inside the new Film Forum, reopening today after growing a new theater

The Daily News: Betty White's 80-year career celebrated in PBS special

Deep Dish: He'll make you wish every day were National Underwear Day

Metrosource: What LGBTQ readers will find in Mark and Jay Duplass's "Like Brothers"

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Hot Cat of the Day: Where was this little guy when Alvy and Annie needed him?


Rian G. said...

The catfishing IL State Rep. has resigned, though our stupid Gov. is blaming it on the Dems.

jaragon said...

Kitty vs the Lobsters is hysterical- my cat was a real bug hunter when he was younger

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