Saturday, August 25, 2018

Lapsed Maverick John McCain Is Dead at 81

Sen. John McCain died this evening after a battle with brain cancer. I will never forget the sacrifices he made for this country, nor will I forget the Keating Five, Sarah Palin and how he abandoned nearly all of the principles that made me respect him. RIP. 

President Obama on McCain's death ...


Mark Johnson said...

Best comment I've read on his passing. I'm disgusted by most everyone on the Left falling over themselves to sing his praises. Apparently they can't remember his 2008 homophobia fueled campaign for president where he unleashed Sarah Palin on the world and paved the way for DJT to be president by lowering the bar so far into the dust. He was called a Maverick. Mostly, he just seemed selfish and spiteful to me.

JimmyD said...

It's not just those on the Left singing his praises.
Like Miss Coco says, "That bothers me."

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