Saturday, August 04, 2018

The Brady Hunch -- UPDATE

I’ll bet Jan never tweeted something this great!

Funny. I would have thought Lance Bass was eating out of trash cans, not buying $1.8 million houses. 

Hm. Are we sure the “unforeseen circumstances” weren’t someone being silly enough to announce to the world that he’d bought the place before he had a signed contract?


JimmyD said...

I had heard that one buyer wanted to bulldoze the house for the land.
Lance, among others, that this pop culture landmark deserved better and said he wanted to buy it and fix the interior up to look very Brady.
I don't think there was any other scheme behind his involvement.

Rix said...

In CA a verbal on R/E is enforceable under specific performance.

If the owner's agent said it was a deal, then Bass can sue and win. assuming the agent doesn't lie on the stand.

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