Friday, July 13, 2018

Waiting to Exhale

I couldn't be more relieved that Kevin Anderson beat Trump sympathizer John Isner. The American's tennis is as one-dimensional as our fake leader, and both of them need to just go away) As for the second semifinal, I won't sleep well tonight, but suffice to say I am comforted that Novak Djokovic managed to win the third set after blowing a break and being down three set points. 

What a shame they (we) now have to wait until tomorrow, but at least I'm off so I can pay more attention rather than fleeting glances in the newsroom!

As Damian put it, you live by the sword and you die by the sword, so Isner won the longest match in Wimbledon history and lost the second longest.

1 comment:

Just a dog dad said...

I hate to say it but that’s some tRump hair Rafa has going on. Great match! Go Serena!!!!!!!!

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