Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Good Morning Starshine' by Beverly D'Angelo

Although I didn't know Ellen Griswold sang this classic song in the film adaptation of "Hair," I'm not surprised Beverly D'Angelo -- who was robbed of an Oscar for her portrayal of Patsy Cline in "Coal Miner's Daughter" (1980) -- does it justice. (I grew up with the popular version by Oliver.) The reason this became my song of the day is because Damian and I have been watching all seven seasons of the most underrated sitcom of all time -- "Wings" -- on Hulu and it came to my attention that nearly two-dozen episodes were missing. When we began to dig around -- where there's a will there's a way when it comes to digitalized media -- we discovered most of them were uploaded on YouTube (and another sketchier site). And as we watched them, we began to realize it must have been the use of music that Hulu (and Netflix before it) didn't want to shell out the money for, so omitted them from the binge-party. Problem is, quite a few of the episodes -- with 22 missing, that's nearly an entire season -- included pivotal moments in the series, so I'm really glad we made the effort. Part of the fun of the missing episodes is trying to figure out what licensing issue caused it to be cut -- and hilariously there must have been four or five that included the same two songs, which had us wondering if the producers sprang for the "Moon River"/"Isn't It Romantic?" fun pack when the show was on the air. Other times the music was so incidental it was hard to believe the show had to pay for it at all.

In the episode "Life Could Be a Dream," a time capsule the gang buried in 1973 is discovered, leading to a scene with Joe (swoonworthy Tim Daly in Greg Brady mode) briefly singing ... you guessed it, "Good Morning Starshine."

Here's a list of each of the episodes missing from Hulu:

Season 2

01 - The Puppet Master
11 - A Terminal Christmas
15 - My Brother's Back and There's Going to Be Trouble

Season 3
09 - Try to Remember the Night He Dismembered

Season 4
11- Exit Laughing
15 - The Gift: Part 1
16 - The Gift: Part 2
17 - I Love Brian
21 - Another Wedding

Season 6
02 - Twisted Sister
07 - All's Fare
18 - Gone But Not Faygotten
21 - The Love Life and Times of Joe and Helen

Season 7
06 - She's Gotta Have It
17 - Lynch Party
20 - A Tale of Two Sister Cities
23 - Life Could Be a Dream

Season 8
03 - Maybe It's You
07 - Olive or Twist
15 - Fay There, Georgy Girl
16 - Escape From New York
17 - House of Blues

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