Monday, July 23, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Beautiful' by the Go-Go's

As I mentioned over the weekend, I saw and enjoyed "Head Over Heels" on Broadway. The entire cast is very strong -- Peppermint's singing voice aside -- but Broadway newcomer Bonnie Milligan is certainly a delight as the bodacious full-of-herself beauty Bonnie. 

Bonnie originated the role at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

I was the only hardcore fan in my group that saw "Head Over Heels" that day. So everyone was asking me what I thought of the musical choices and if anything was blatantly "missing." My response was that it was a little heavy on the post-reunion catalogue but that there were no obvious omissions. Knowing that the producers had to tell a story with songs that were already written makes the choices understandable -- "Beautiful" and "Good Girl" are perfect as Pamela and sister Philoclea, respectively -- although it did seem like "This Town" would have been the perfect theme for Arcadia. (The music is used as an interlude, however.) 

And if you're wondering, "Vacation" and "This Old Feeling" were probably used to the greatest effect, but I won't spoil how!

Four out of five Go-Go's were great on "CBS Sunday Morning" ...

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Blobby said...

Man - Belinda couldn't move her face if her life depended on it. It looks almost painful.

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