Monday, July 30, 2018

Remains of the Day (07/30)

New York Post: Pantless doctor busted in bed with underage boy

Towleroad: Gay couple forced to separate on Alaska Airlines so straight couple could sit together (this is f**ked up, but something tells me three people paid for their tickets and one used miles and that's what led to this unfortunate situation)

The New York Times: 99 days to go, the midterm elections battleground is not what was expected

Dlisted: See the lucky girl bedding Chris Pratt

Village Voice: Five years in, hearing the voices of Black Lives Matter

BosGuy: Here's one I'm happy to see in -- or out of -- a kilt

Daytonian in Manhattan: My new favorite blog tells the stories behind the buildings, statues and other points of interest that make the city fascinating

Boy Culture: Florida cops spend time busting gay men for consensual sex, but no time for rape kits

Instagram: Whoopi Goldberg is a fan of "Head Over Heels" on Broadway

Hot Cat of the Day: I love that this furry damsel in distress responded with just the level of gratitude one would expect from a kitty ...

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