Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Remains of the Day (07/17)

Instagram: Thomas Roberts vs. tight dress pants

Towleroad: Cher has recorded an entire album of ABBA covers

New York Post: Teen student defends teacher accused of inappropriate sex

The Randy Report: The first trailer for "Bohemian Rhapsody" is here

Dlisted: I see marriage hasn't made Prince Harry any less hot

Die Alone With Me: You're not the only one whose online dating experiences are sorely lacking

NYT Magazine: Parker Posey still loves Generation X

BosGuy: Naked yoga, anyone?

The New York Times: Man who posed as ride-share driver accused of raping four women in San Francisco

People: Hollywood offers support to Fred Willard after wife Mary dies at 71

Greg in Hollywood: Outfest 2018 report, starring Rita Moreno, Raul Castillo and Gus Kenworthy

NewNowNext: Here's the first pic from the set of Netflix's "Tales of the City" revival

Mirror: Revealing interview with former Romanian player and Bjorn Borg's first wife, Mariana Simionescu, who says the Swedish legend "was the love of my life"

PinkNews: Great news -- you can have sex with hot Lebanese men all you want! 

Baseline: The Top 10 moments at this year's Wimbledon

Gothamist: Beach umbrella impales woman at Jersey Shore

Savage Love: My lovely mother is cheating on my asshole father -- what should I do?

The Village Voice: When a terrible movie makes for an epic night out

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jaragon said...

Online dating is the nightmare that never ends

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