Monday, July 02, 2018

Remains of the Day (07/02)

L.A. Eater: Cat cafe to open this summer in Laguna Beach 

Towleroad: Instagram apologizes after removing gay kiss photo for "violating community standards"

UnPresidented: Trump is set to steal his second U.S. Supreme Court seat from the Democrats, and we’re mad as hell and taking no prisoners?

Instagram: Crack Addict: Wounded Warrior Edition

Brooklyn Vegan: Rolling Stone is now monthly, now $9.99 an issue

Dlisted: Sex bomb Liam Payne is back on the market, guys

New York Post: Missouri university calls off penis-size study after overwhelming response

Daily Intel: What blue wave? Senate Democrats are fighting some brutal trends in the midterms

The Film Experience: Great moments in gay: "Lady Bird"

Deep Dish: I wouldn't mind licking his rocket pop

The Gay Almanac: Transgender activist Sylvia Rivera was born on this day in 1951

Boy Culture: Cute boy gained 15 pounds of "lean muscle" -- mostly in his ass

Baseline: The money-grubbing rumors were true -- Roger Federer is the new face of Uniqlo 

Entertainment Tonight: Chris Pratt is "casually dating" Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter

The Daily News: Twelve boys, soccer coach trapped in Thailand cave for nine days found alive

New York Post: Longtime Boy Scout leader arrested for child porn

Outsports: Why was soccer player Collin Martin benched on the night he came out?

Washington Blade: More than 12,000 people attend El Salvador Pride march

Hot Cat of the Day: Every day is boxing day when you're a cat ...


Blobby said...

LOLLL on Rolling Stone. Shouldn't the Wenner's just be giving it away for free?

Brent said...

Money-grubbing? C’mon, you’d say no?

jaragon said...

The wounded warrior is a fine looking man