Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Tennis Roundup

Not a lot to say about this weekend's results from Roland Garros. Rafael Nadal predictably won -- and predictably easily, too -- and Simona Halep finally got the Grand Slam monkey off her back. Definitely was rooting for Dominic Thiem and Sloane Stephens, but a first major final for the Austrian and a RU stat for the U.S. Open champion are both big accomplishments. Damian was a thrice-biten Halep fan so couldn't even be happy for her, but I'm more agnostic and am relieved we no longer have a Slamless No. 1. 

Even though both of the No. 1 seeds ended up winning, you definitely get the feeling with Nadal's physical health and Halep's mental health that anything could happen the rest of the year, especially at Wimbledon, arguably both of their worst surface. 


I also thought it was sweet that Halep won on the 40th anniversary of fellow Romanian Virginia Ruzici's French Open victory, which she was quick to point out was played in a field that did not include Chris Evert! 

She's still got it!

And to add insult to injury ... 

You just know his “girlfriend” has never buried her face in that ass.

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