Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Tennis Tuesday

Fresh off the sad news of the death of Robert Mandan, who played loaded lothario Chester Tate on "Soap," I deliver a previously planned Tennis Tuesday, featuring Robert Urich as sexy tennis playboy Peter Campbell. Urich, who would find greater fame as Dan Tanna on "Vega$"and then as "Spenser: For Hire," died of a rare form of cancer in 2002 at just 55  (Cathryn Damon, who played Mary Campbell on the sudsy send-up, also died too soon of cancer at 56.) More of Urich in his classic '70s tennis shorts -- plus his famous shower-scene murder HERE.

Who wanted Peter Campbell's killer ass dead?


Ung said...

Even in those hideous 70s polyester outfits, Urich was such a hottie

jaragon said...

Mr Urich was a handsome man who died too young

justadogdad said...

I also loved Jodie's bf Dennis - Bob Seagren. Who won the 1968 Olympic gold medal in pole vaulting and the silver in 1972!