Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Remains of the Day (06/26)

Twitter: Is Maria Sharapova f**king Canadian hockey hunk Sidney Crosby?

The New York Times: The GOP stole Obama's Supreme Court and now the "Muslim ban" is a-OK 

The Associated Press: In yet another 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court blocks law requiring pregnancy centers to discuss abortion options

Dlisted: Get ready to write David Lynch off forever

The Daily News: A conservative bakery turned away Joe Biden in 2012 -- and the right praised the owners as small business heroes, natch

Towleroad: "Happy AIDS Month"

Boy Culture: Behold Jack Kesy in the buff

Daily Intel: The GOP cares about rich people even more than it pretends to care about religion

Fantastics: Now he's what I call a Golden Boy

Brooklyn Vegan: Ray Davies says the Kinks will reunite, considering new LP

NewNowNext: Cher thinks "The Cher Show" headed to Broadway needs work 

Gothamist: Cuomo's controversial $1.5 billion AirTrain to LaGuardia project lurches forward

It's Either Sadness or Euphoria: "Sometimes we can't help loving a person who is utterly wrong for us. It's not that we might not have anything in common, or we come from different backgrounds -- it's when we love a person despite the fact that they treat us horribly, and yet we keep coming back, pretending this time everything is going to be different."

Greg in Hollywood: God bless English footballer Jordan Nuttell for buying clothes a size too small -- when he wears them at all

UnPresidented: Malcolm Nance warns Trump is "stoking civil war"

The Randy Report: Shocking 46% of LGBTQ folks stay in closet at work

Capturing Rainbows: Remembering the Upstairs Lounge fire

Deep Dish: Apparently you don't need a Speedo to be smokin' hot in the sun

Hot Cat of the Day: Peeping Tom cat ...


jaragon said...

Mr Kesey looks interesting

jaragon said...

Who doesn't want to have sex with Sidney Crosby?

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