Friday, June 15, 2018

Dissed Opportunity

I'll go to my grave always wondering what it might have been like to have this brilliant and thoughtful woman lead our country. I must say I find it curious -- or should I say galling -- that my left-leaning friends who spent 18 months running Hillary Clinton into the ground, calling her "Nixonian" and the "queen of triangulation,” ensuring that Democratic (and reasonable-people) voter turnout was just low enough to cause this mess are the ones who cry the loudest about the fix we're in. Bothsidesism is a scourge, but it's actually apt where lack of self-awareness is concerned. 


barryearle said...

She won the popular vote. She lost the Electoral College game. In short, it was hers to lose. Given the electoral experience between her and Bill, I'm still in shock that they let the Electoral College ball drop. So stop blaming we who wanted Bernie but voted for Hillary.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

But that's not what happened. Bernie Bros. dragged her through the mud to the point that MANY of my Democratic friends decided they "didn't want to get their hands dirty" -- assuming she'd win -- and didn't vote at all. That's why she lost.

tmpr said...

Thank you, Kenneth. I got so sick of both-siderism during the election period, even with my liberal siblings, but now they have mostly stopped that and don't say those idiotic things anymore. That gives me hope. I have hope but, well, you know. Thanks for your blog. I read it every day and I love the Remains of the Day!

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