Wednesday, May 02, 2018

'Three Stooges' Descendant Sues Ex-MTV Exec Brian Graden for Alleged Sexual Abuse; Accuses Viacom of Covering Up Brad Grey Rape

I don't want to get in trouble with the #MeToo crowd that doesn't believe each accusation needs to be evaluated on its own merits. So I'll just let you take in Variety's story about Rovier Carrington's lawsuit against former MTV honcho Brian Graden, which reads like it's making fun of the whole thing just by reporting the facts. 

Brian Graden is a 1985 graduate of Oral Roberts University -- huh-huh

Ho/Moe: Rovier Carrington and great-grandfather Moe Howard, one of the Three Stooges

A self-described Hollywood “It boy” has sued producer Brian Graden, alleging that the former MTV executive used the lure of a potential reality TV series to extort sex.

Rovier Carrington filed the suit in New York Supreme Court. It accuses Graden, a former head of programming at MTV, of destroying his career and stealing his idea for a gay reality dating show. The suit states that Carrington and Graden had a two-year sexual relationship, during which time Graden promised to help produce various reality shows that Carrington was working on.

Carrington also alleges that he was sexually assaulted by Brad Grey, the late CEO and chairman of Paramount Pictures. He contends that Grey blacklisted him from working at Viacom after Carrington refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Carrington said he initially agreed to have sex with Graden because Graden agreed to help him work at Viacom again.

“Graden indicated to Carrington that if he wished to move forward with his reality show, and come off Viacom’s banned list, that he would be required to have sex with Graden, Carrington agreed, as having sex with Graden was now his only option if he wanted to work in the entertainment industry,” the lawsuit states.

A representative for Graden did not yet respond to Variety‘s request for comment.

In the suit, Carrington describes himself as “Hollywood royalty” because he is a great-grandson of Moe Howard, one of the Three Stooges. He says that in 2010, he began pitching various reality shows drawn from his life, including one called “The Life of a Trendsetter.” The show would feature “good looking kids from wealthy families, living together in a home, spending their parents’ money.” He also pitched a “dark comedy” called “Inheritance,” and a gay dating show.

Carrington accuses Graden of stealing his idea for the dating show and turning it into “Finding Prince Charming,” which ran on Logo and featured Lance Bass. Graden left MTV in 2009, five years before the alleged sexual misconduct took place. He has since been an independent producer.

Carrington is seeking $100 million in damages from Viacom. The suit also names Grey’s estate as a defendant.

Viacom issued this response: “We take allegations of this sort seriously, and are reviewing the complaint.”



That "Hollywood Royalty" is a Hot, Delusional Mess. Wowza...

Rix said...

Check Mr Carrington's on line "diary". His stories read like the pleading...bad bodice ripper stories.

Rix said...

Moe had two kids and three grand kids none of them stayed in

Did someone take "Six Degrees of Separation" a little too seriously?

Ung said...

He thinks he's "hollywood royalty" cuz he's the great grandson of one of the 3 stooges??? Honey. you're a queen, not royalty

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