Sunday, May 06, 2018

Speedo Sunday

You can't really beat two Speedo boys IN LOVE.


jaragon said...


Robert said...

This is how all athletically fit men should dress for both the pool and the beach. I love guys who swim and sun tan in skimpy speedos. But most American men both gay and straight are such boring ultra conservative prudes with their baggy, hideous, knee length shorts. Yet it is perfectly okay for women to prance around in next to nothing but if a guy strolls around in a speedo than everyone bats an eye and finds fault. If that isnt hypocrisy, than please tell me what is. We Americans are one oppressed, fucked up bunch.

jaragon said...

Robert- everyone doesn't look good in a speedo- in Europe they don't seem to care - I've seen really out of shape men in the briefest of suits but young athletic guys in baggy shorts

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