Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Only the Young' by Journey

If the aughts taught(s) us anything, it's that absolutely everyone has a soft spot for Journey. While I wouldn't dispute that "Don't Stop Believin'" is the best song of all time, I'd have to say "Only the Young" is my true favorite song of theirs. (Maybe it's that reference to nonexistent South Detroit that dropped it a notch.) "Faithfully," "Lights" and "Send Her My Love" round out my Top 5 -- or should it be "Who's Crying Now?" and "I'll Be All Right Without You"? Now tell me, what's YOUR favorite Journey song?


Did you know the song was first recorded by Scandal, appearing on the band's debut LP, "Warrior"?


Anonymous said...

Chain Reaction is a favorite, at least partially because of watching it on MTV and swooning over Jonathan Cain in a tux. And when talking about Vision Quest, gotta mention Madonna's on-screen performances of Gambler and Crazy For You. (It came out not long before Desperately Seeking Susan.) Oh and Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles looking somewhat less dreamy in a mohawk.

Gian said...

No hesitation, Separate Ways is my fave......and the cheesy, low-tech video (which I just rewatched) is pretty great too.

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