Thursday, May 17, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Eminence Front' by the Who

My family got MTV during the summer of 1982, exactly when the Who released what would be their last studio album for decades. Videos were in relatively short supply back then so you saw some of them quite often -- and/or payola had already infiltrated the video music channel -- and they must have played this Pete Townshend-sung single 30 times a day -- all five minutes and 30 seconds of it. While it drove me crazy back in the day -- waiting for your favorite video to come on seemed to take an eternity in those days, and how many times a day did you need to see "Black Coffee in Bed" and "I Ran (So Far Away)"? -- like many things I didn't love "back in the day," "Eminence Front" has a nostalgic appeal now. No sooner did I mention this song to my brother Terence, he reported over the weekend hearing it at a bar he frequents!

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