Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Remains of the Day (05/30)

Back2Stonewall: Watch footage of Fire Island in the 1980s

UnPresidented (podcast): Roseanne Barred

The Gay Almanac: Remembering legendary transgender pioneer Christine Jorgensen, who was born on this day in 1926

BosGuy: Sometimes it is the guys you want to be wearing Speedos at the beach

Dlisted: Ted McGinley -- whose frosted hair and Pepsodent smile were so hot he was added to every show back in the day -- is 60 today

Beantown Cuban: Sending my love to the Diaz family, whose patriarch, "Juanito," died Wednesday at 84

Die Alone With Me: I'm ready to move to Long Beach after seeing the boys in its parade

Greg in Hollywood: Sean Hayes guest hosts "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" ... and yes, he does dance!

YouTube: How to tell when a straight man thinks a guy is hot

Page Six: Brigitte Nielsen pregnant at 54

Boy Culture: Gay, Madonna-themed book rejected for having no audience gets six-figure movie deal

Deep Dish: I want him for my birthday

The Daily New: Raving attacker spits on woman, pounds husband's face during their anniversary celebration in Midtown

Independent: George Soros responds to Roseanne Barr's false claim that he is a "Nazi"

Towleroad: Genderqueer student brilliantly trolls Betsy DeVos with transgender pride cape

The New York Times: He has fans, fame and an acclaimed "Brokeback Mountain" opera -- so why is Charles Wuorinen so cranky?

Daily Intel: Trump responds to Roseanne saga by whining about his own treatment by ABC

OMG Blog: Actor Axel Giudicelli goes full frontal in "Je Ne Suis Pas un Cygne"

Hot Cat of the Day: Gotta try to meet Pawfficer Donut next time I'm in Detroit!


Blobby said...

OMFG. That is great.

Johnny Diaz said...

Thank you boo :)