Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Remains of the Day (05/23)

HuffPost: In "Something New," Ben Baur makes bid to be seen as a "gay male Meg Ryan" -- but I'm more interested in his swarthy costar

CNN: Crazy Donald succeeded in making white NFL owners force black players to stop peacefully protesting

Dlisted: Your hot slut of the day is the nail salon worker who isn’t going to let a customer get away without paying today, tomorrow, the next day or the next day!

YouTube: When Jean Stapleton -- who has one sexy son -- discovered that Gain detergent has micro enzyme action

The Hill: Judge rules Crazy Donald can't block people on Twitter

Towleroad: Man loses primary bid to unseat Kim Davis, who had denied him a marriage license because he was gay

The Randy Report: Horrible (but admittedly hot) racist apologizes for rant that went viral, now says he moved to NYC for the "diversity"

Basline: ESPN World Fame 100 issue puts Caroline Wozniack on cover

Boy Culture: Matt Bomer was left naked on stage without a towel

NYT: Stacey Abrams wins Georgia Democratic primary for governor, making history

Texas Tribute: Lupe Valdez becomes first openly gay and first Latina candidate to win a major party nomination for Texas governor

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: Model's peek-a-boo pubes are hard to miss in that Speedo

ACLU: Police officer told high school student she was "going to hell" because she's gay

Oakland County Times: Heartened to see a modest city in the county from which I hail is so progressive

OMG Blog: Beardy Kevin Janssens shows off his naked "Revenge" body

NewNowNext: Police identify transgender victim pulled from a creek in Texas

PinkNews: Gavin Grimm wins landmark victory in transgender bathroom case

Gallup: Estimate of U.S. LGBT population rises to 4.5%

Hot Cat of the Day: His timing's off for being a ball cat, but he's awfully cute!

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