Thursday, May 03, 2018

Cat's Out of the Bag

They say there's a sucker born every minute, which is clearly referring to pet lovers. Took Harvey to the vet to get his claws trimmed -- he's the sweetest cat on earth, but will not hold still for that -- and somehow exited the building with over $500 missing from my wallet. How could this be? Well, I pointed to a little scratch on his head -- undoubtedly from those razor-sharp claws I mentioned -- and the next thing I knew I was having him treated for fleas they don't see, ringworm they're testing him for but are confident he doesn't have, and blah blah allergies, need to be sure, buzzword-buzzword-guilt-buzzword. And yet somehow it was worth every penny just to see him interact with the staff and talk up a storm!

Harvey was purring so loudly they couldn't check his vitals!


Anonymous said...

kenneth, they've read your blog, and saw you coming from miles away... :-)

Johnny Diaz said...

He is so cute especially poking out of the bag :)

Rix said...

Spent a little less than half that yesterday on the Mighty Might Mouse Man but didn't get any Rx.

jaragon said...

Pet parenting is not cheap

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