Friday, April 13, 2018

Remains of the Day (04/13)

KIT212: Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon suck face at GLAAD Media Awards -- plus Britney's hot piece of Iranian ass

SFGate: Justice Department can't tie police funding to help on immigration, judge rules

Towleroad: What better time for Crazy Donald to pardon someone ... for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE

Seattle Times: Hart couple’s former foster child recalls life with women found dead after California cliff crash / Officials now say Jennifer Hart was drunk when she drove family off cliff

Eugene Weekly: Another person in a position of authority who lives and dies by conspiracy theories caught with his pants down -- literally

Dlisted: The "Mad About You" revival nobody is excited about seems to be happening

The New York Times: No one was ever charged in a 1967 college dorm fire that killed 9, but an amateur investigator thinks he knows who set it

Boy Culture: Behold a shirtless Russell Tovey with pants on -- and a pantless Russell Tovey with a shirt on 

Talking Points Memo: Trump's lawyer cut $1.6 million deal for GOP big said to impregnate Playboy model

Hunk du Jour: Keep pulling those pants down, sir

Baseline: Very sad to hear about John Isner's mother's battle with colon cancer; I hope his support of Crazy Donald doesn't bite his family's health care in the ass

The Randy Report: Tom Daley's Commonwealth Games teammate might be the cutest boy I've ever seen

Instagram: Chris Mazdzer to appear on Season 26 of "Dancing With the Stars"

Daily Intel: The top 5 reasons the pee tape is probably real

Deep Dish: Hot man in hot-pink Speedo

HuffPost: Trinidad and Tobago moves to decriminalize homosexuality

BosGuy: Did you say you like your men hairy and mean?

Fug: Jon Hamm has a beard now


Hot Cat of the Day: This cutie -- who reminds me of my beloved Troy -- has got a lot more patience than I do!

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