Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Song of the Day: 'UFO' by Strange Names

Another gem from Strange Names, the electro-pop trio from NYC (by way of Minneapolis). It's from their sophomore LP, "Data," which picks up where 2015's shimmering debut, "Use Your Time Wisely," left off. (They couldn't have pandered more to me if they'd tried with the Beach Boys-flavored "Rosa.") These boys have it all -- smart songs with irresistible hooks, telegenic looks and serious passion for their craft -- yet I'm at a loss as to what the "end game" is for an up-and-coming band anymore. Do they go home to Mom and Dad and brag that their new single got "X number" of streams on Spotify? Or is having one of their songs used in a commercial the equivalent of "making it big" now? (AKA what we used to call "selling out," which is the only way to get a paycheck in this new environment.) Whatever the case may be, here's hoping these guys are around for years to come. They're that good. Learn more HERE.

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