Monday, March 12, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Living on Video' by Trans-X

One week after signing up for a trial premium Spotify account I purged my collection of 900 compact discs over the weekend. (My super was NOT happy when he discovered my delivery downstairs.) More than anything, we needed the room for a new wardrobe my parents bought us for Christmas to store Damian's clothes -- my apartment has one TINY closet -- so I bit the bullet and consolidated everything into those CD binders that most people got 10 years ago. (Yeah. I couldn't quite say goodbye.) And there were painful moments -- a lot of memories came flooding back as I pulled the booklets and discs out of the (usually broken) jewel cases, remembering where and when I'd bought various albums, some of them incredible finds back in the day.

But as Matt Rettenmund told me when I asked how he brought himself to do this years ago, people my age weren't really attached to our CDs. It was our record collection that was the really hard thing to say goodbye to. And I had mostly done that when I moved to New York 20 years ago. (I still have my box of 45s -- just as I have a handful of CDs that I know aren't readily available on streaming services.) But the decision was both a necessity (space) and an acknowledgement that my music is entirely on my computer these days, so welcome me to 2010! 

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