Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Remains of the Day (03/07)

Towleroad: Meet the young male gymnast who has accused USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar of sexual abuse

Paste: The 25 best music frontwomen of all time -- Debbie Harry's not even No. 1 and I'm fine with it!

WSJ: The best men’s underwear for your budget: 45 kinds tested

Back2Stonewall: Kentucky governor calls disgraced county clerk Kim Davis an "inspiration to children"

The Washington Post: The 7 most interesting aspects of Stormy Daniels's lawsuit against Trump -- she claims to have texts and photos, so prepare for the evangelicals to give him a standing ovation 

The New York Times: Will trade finally be the rift that gets Republicans to acknowledge all of Crazy Donald's, um, shortcomings?

Deep Dish: This one might get you in trouble at the office

"RiseUp With Dawn Ennis": Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy talks one-on-one with Dawn, plus author Sarah McBride talks about her memoir, "Tomorrow Will Be Different"

BosGuy: Rub-a-dub-dub, three hot boys in a tub

Boy Culture: Adam Rippon on Johnny Weir's rumored jealous: Maybe ...

People: Gus Kenworthy knew he was gay when he was about 5 (#MeToo!) -- and Jesse Tyler Ferguson's coming-out story involves stealing porn 

Tennis Life: See Serena Williams back in action in Indian Wells

THR: Wouldn't it be fun if we had a transgender Darrin Stephens? #Transparent

AmericaBlog: On March 13, there will be a special U.S. House of Representatives election at which the next U.S. congressman from Pennsylvania will be chosen -- and Republicans are freaking

Gr8er Days: In case you've forgotten how smokin' hot Robert Conrad was #Eveready

The Gay Almanac: Mississippi town reverses denial of gay-pride parade ... after threat of legal action

TPM: HUD employee calls out Ben Carson: We have "operated in fear" of retribution

The WoW Report:  Meet the gay escort who outed nearly 40 Catholic priests in Vatican dossier

CNBC: United Airlines is sending its employees to compassion training

E! Online: Is it time to remake "Something About Amelia"?

Paper: How manipulatable are you?

Splinter: Parkland students let Betsy DeVos know she's not welcome at their school

OMG Blog: "Teen Wolf" star Cody Christian is still circumcised

The New Yorker: Hilton Als on musicals for turbulent times

Gay Star News: Australia's first same-sex marriage ends tragically after 48 days

Hot Cat of the Day: I like a good watch cat ...


Anonymous said...

there was a reason the wild wild west reruns were a favorite of mine when i was young, my guess it had little to do with the script, soundtrack, special effects, or even the performances, and a lot to do with robert conrad's shirtless scenes, which flowed like the rio grande.

jaragon said...

Northalabama I agree- "Wild Wild West" was of my favorite seasons when I discovered it on reruns. I even had "WWW" lunch box. Looking at it later as an adult it was just so gay- not just he relationship between Jim West and Artermus Gordon. Robert Conrad was one hot man with his tight pants, gratuitous shirtless scenes and of course the villains always managed to tie him up.

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