Thursday, March 15, 2018

My Ides of March

Here is a look at the seat of the bench my brother Bill and wife Jacqueline chose together as their final resting place in Congressional Cemetery. (Gen Xers will appreciate the inscription most.) It was placed just shy of the one-year anniversary of Bill's death, which is today. The photo is cropped so you can see the view of their neighborhood that they love(d) so much.

My family is planning to descend on Capitol Hill for Mother's Day, so we will get to see it in person then. As it would happen, Bill won't be joining us. My sister-in-law decided after receiving the urn my family picked out (to be interred in the bench's leg) that she liked having him around the house -- and that the urn was too special to not be seen -- so has opted to keep him with her for now. (We were all thrilled beyond words, especially my mom, knowing that he is home where he belongs.)

Everyone says the first year after someone dies is the hardest -- and I sure hope they're right. Just yesterday I heard from someone who had been part of our Village Racquet Club experience in the late '70s and I was absolutely DYING to speak to Bill about it. Twelve months may have passed, but I don't see the overwhelming need to talk to him everygoing away.

(Surreptitious photo by Damian)

Luckily for me, it appears someone furry (besides my boyfriend) knew it was going to be a rough day. xo

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Capitol Hillbuddy said...

My condolences. Congressional is a lovely place to be.

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