Thursday, March 08, 2018

Living on Video

When I look at this photo and watch this clip I must admit that I actually feel sorry for people who didn’t experience the ‘80s. I wouldn't trade record stores, thrift-shop clothes, 12-inch singles, John Hughes movies, music magazines, wooden tennis rackets, men with unironic mustaches, hanging out at the mall, dance clubs, MTV veejays and world premiere videos, camping out for concert tickets, old-fashioned stalking, and New Wave and other great music on the Hot 100 for anything. Maybe this is why aging doesn't hurt as much as you thought it would when you were a kid: You don't envy the young because the world they live in is so much less cool than the one you got to be a part of.


Can you imagine someone thinking this is a life? What's sad is I know for a fact this isn't an anomaly.


jaragon said...

And we were not addicted to our cellphones

JimmyD said...

A simpler time. No Biebers. No Kardashians.
When Bruce Jenner rocked the short-shorts!
Concert tickets wouldn't break the bank!!
Madonna was fun and Michael Jackson was still human!
Video ALMOST killed the radio star. The internet would finish the job.

Shawn Cullen said...

Ah, the '80s!

They were fun. (Sigh!)