Friday, March 16, 2018

Cheyenne Jackson Is the Gay Darrin Stephens

Last night's "Will & Grace" was probably my least favorite so far, although a mediocre "W&G" is still better than most things. As happy as I was to hear Cheyenne Jackson was going to guest star, I didn't realize he was playing Will's ex-boyfriend Michael -- who was already portrayed perfectly by sexy Chris Potter. (You know how I feel about Fake Jan et al.) And a few things didn't quite add up. First of all, didn't Will stalk/look up Michael? The idea that Michael was lying in wait to "use" him five seconds after reconnecting seemed awfully out of left field -- and didn't track with the Michael we knew from years ago. And even if we are going along with the story, shouldn't we have seen Will fall in love again before it all imploded so quickly? (It felt like an episode was missing.) I guess it was sort of a fast-tracked sitcom romance, but the whole thing was very jarring -- and I feel like a missed opportunity at exploring getting back together with an ex. 

Secondly, I'm not sure the "both sides" cake storyline hit its mark. Are people who voted for the person who was elected to the White House -- and are members of the party that controls all three branches of government -- really on par with persecuted minorities? Do we need a sitcom to equate LGBTQ people with Nazis and people who practice bestiality? (I think a senator turned GOP presidential candidate was more than enough.) Make the cake. But any chance of this being a clear-cut case of hypocrisy is completely muddied by Trump's relentless vilification of minorities and championing of gun nuts and white supremacists -- and even the ACLU has changed its stance on some hate groups. Am I misinterpreting this?

On the plus side ... 

The little nod to Debbie Reynolds ...

and Tom of Finland -- both originally spotted by my friend Chad -- were very appreciated.


Bill Carter said...

I'm shocked! Shocked!

If you don't know that Dick Sergeant, not Cheyenne Jackson, was the real gay Darren Stephens, it's time to turn in your Gay Card.

JimmyD said...

I think Mr Walsh was simply referring to having a different actor play an established part.

Rix said...

What put me off is they got the law wrong. The NY and fed public accommodations laws don't include political affiliation as a protected class.

They also missed the not very nuanced argument that if someone doesn't make a burning cross cake for anyone then it isn't racial discrimination not to make it for a white boy. Nor the decision that is working its way through the lower courts that actual words being written is crossing the line.

It almost came across as the producers support Masterpiece Cakes' position, of go to the bakery down the road. And could of been played for laughs easily while keeping the argument on point. Some times they seem like the guys that said taking Act Up to the streets wasn't going to accomplish anything.

Patrick said...

What Kenneth and Rix said.

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