Thursday, February 01, 2018

Seasonal Changes for 'Grace & Frankie,' 'Divorce'

Not sure if the writing on "Grace & Frankie" and "Divorce" has really improved this season as much as I feel it has, but I'm definitely enjoying both shows more this time around. Might help that Lisa Kudrow joined the golden girls of La Jolla -- and sexy Steven Pasquale popped up as a possible love interest for Sarah Jessica Parker (who's old enough to be his, um, aunt). But suddenly Sol, Bud and Coyote, who used to make me cringe each time they appeared, and even Frankie -- with her way too over-the-top reactions to everything -- all seem a little more muted and realistic. Ditto for Robert (Thomas Haden Church), who has become far less one-dimensional on "Divorce." (And I'll take Molly Shannon any way I can get her!) As much as I love Sharon Horgan, it seems her being less involved this season may be the positive difference. (SJP trying to be a bathroom-humor queen just didn't work.) Curious if anyone else has noticed an improvement.

He is a work of art ...

P.S. We're also watching "The Rise of Catherine the Great," a Russian import streaming on Amazon Prime. I think we're down to one last episode of Season One and I must say it's awfully good. As you may know, Catherine was a gay man trapped in a Russian ruler's body -- and boy did they do a good job casting her revolving door of lovers. (The woman playing Elizabeth is also perfect -- as in perfectly terrifying.) I hear there's another season but I'm not sure if they'll recast everyone who try horrible aging make-up. 

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