Monday, February 19, 2018

Remains of the Day (02/19)

Dlisted: If Fergie was going for “extra horny Jessica Simpson after hardcore dental surgery,” she nailed it!

Towleroad: Woman cut out of will after walking in on multimillionaire dad having sex with another man

Gr8er Days: Matt Dillon turns 54 -- and here are 54 times he was hot

Daily Kos: Paul Ryan calls for gun violence data while blocking CDC from collecting gun violence data

Daily Intelligencer: Trump blames Florida school shooting on Russia investigation (because it's always about him)

Bob Weiss: My daughter was brutally murdered in a mass school shooting. What makes you think your child won't be next. I don't want your fucking sympathy. I want you to stop voting for gun-whore politicians

Pink News: Russell Tovey announces "completely unexpected" engagement to hunky rugby player boyfriend Steve Brockman

The Advocate: A writer just archived every LGBT character on television, ever

The New York Times: Do hangovers get worse as we get older?

BosGuy: Sexy guy works a kilt and leather fetish gear

Curbed: Chic, light-filled studio in Chelsea wants $649K

Debbie Harry/BLONDIE: Archies #6 coming soon

The Gay Almanac: Human Rights Watch issues report on new anti-LGBT laws giving states "license to discriminate"

The Daily News: Airline ticket agent saved two teenage girls from human trafficking

HuffPost Queer Voices: My 11-year-old was just dumped by his best friend because he’s gay

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: The ole beard and sexy chest combo strikes again

Page Six: Has Ronan Farrow been banned from NBC?

Attitude: Madonna's "Ray of Light" turns 20: a track-by-track review

OMG Blog: Daniel Webster from the gay YouTube couple "DanAndJon" shows off his circumcision

Baseline: Which Olympic sport would top tennis players pick?

The WoW Report: After Chicago TV station confuses Olympic host city with P.F. Chang’s, restaurant offers FREE “Pyeongchang Wraps”

The Washington Post: AI "gaydar" could compromise LGBTQ people’s privacy -- and safety

TV Line: "Family Guy" will address Stewie's sexuality in March episode

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jaragon said...

Mr Tovey's future husband is one lucky man...Matt Dillon has aged very well