Friday, February 09, 2018

Remains of the Day (02/09)

Beantown Cuban: The hunks and ladies of "One Day at a Time"

Towleroad: Pro wrestler Jake Atlas comes out as gay

Dlisted: Bad info from Spirit Air led me to flush my emotional-support hamster down airport toilet, student says

The Gay Almanac: Happy birthday to Jim J. Bullock!

The New York Times: Wall Street’s up and downs have little impact on the income or wealth of most Americans, despite the bromides of politicians

BosGuy: A furry Friday fella for those with a "Daddy complex"

Quartzy: Is global soccer about to have its #MeToo moment?

The Daily Beast: Trans-activist drops her historic California campaign bid

Boy Culture: Josh O'Connor on those "God's Own Country" sex scenes

New York Post: GOP lawmaker who fought for tougher penalties for prostitution allegedly used taxpayer money for sex with hooker

Hunk du Jour: I love it when a guy pulls the front of his T-shirt over his head like this

The Randy Report: Gay Olympians kiss at opening ceremonies: "We're here, we're queer, get used to it!"

Lambda Legal: As they age by the millions, LGBT seniors face a host of challenges

NewNowNext: Gays in Indonesia on country’s homophobic crackdown: “I feel disgusted and not safe anymore”

The Film Experience: A homosexual review of "50 Shades Freed"

WeHo Life: The West Hollywood City Council election is a year away, but one candidate's pro-Reagan remarks are already stirring up debate

The Verge: Best Buy will stop selling CDs as digital music revenue continues to grow

Washington Blade: Only amnesia can explain Democrats' new support for Bush

AmericaBlog: So George Papadopoulos was just some drunk. Right.

The Body: What Medicaid work requirements might mean for people with HIV

The Daily News: New team, who dis?

The Washington Post: Rand Paul’s short-lived shutdown is ending, but his warning about GOP deficit hypocrisy reverberates

The New Yorker: Is there a smarter way to think about sexual assault on campus?

Ali Forney Center: Limited tickets remain for David Mixner's 'Who Fell Into The Outhouse?'

TVLine: Facebook is dipping its toe into original content ... with an Olsen sister

It's Either Sadness or Euphoria: Looking for a weekend read? Reviews of Nick White's "Sweet and Love: Stories"; Nicole Sealey's "Ordinary Beast: Poems"; Jojo Moyes's "Still Me"; Maxwell Jacobs's "In Another Country, and Besides"; Xhenet Aliu's "Brass"; Tim Federle';s "Life is Like a Musical: How to Live, Love, and Lead Like a Star"; Rachel Joyce's "The Music Shop"; and Heather Lloyd's "My Name is Venus Black"

Hot Cat of the Day: I like this kid's style!


Bill Carter said...

OMG, Mike Hippler! Wonderful writer, and yet another of the talented, creative, charming people we lost to that terrible plague.

Living in DC, I had a mail subscription to the Bay Area Reporter, mainly so I could read his column (and Dave Ford's as well) until they raised the subscription price to ~$100 a year, in 1980s dollars.

And, just by chance, I ran into him here in Washington. He was in town for one of the marches, and I spotted his press ID and got all fanboyish. He was with his sister, and I'm sure he was happy she got a glimpse of how excited one of his devoted readers was to meet him, especially 3000 miles from his home base.

I still have a copy of "So Little Time", his essay collection, and a handful of yellowed clippings of his columns from the BAR.

jaragon said...

Latin America with it's macho culture seems to have a long history of older men coercing young men into gay sex- there was a incident about a military or police academy in Argentina I think that this was going on-

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