Thursday, February 01, 2018

Hunks of 'House Hunters'

Damian and I were initially so turned off by "DJ" and his fratboy friends we almost hit delete. 

Billed as "Best Friends in Philly," the description said: 
A young buyer is on the hunt for a place in Philadelphia to share with three of his friends who will be renting from him. However, when their wish lists get in his way, it becomes clear that four is going to be a crowd. 

But when we looked past the douchey tendencies -- smoking cigars in a barbershop, excruciating white privilege and an obvious propensity to acquaintance-rape women -- we had to admit this was a Sean Cody movie in the making. 

Vasek Pospisil 2.0?

I'd like to see this guy top DJ for starters ...

Who wears short shorts?

Even the "average" one is hot

Boys today -- god bless 'em for knowing how to dress in a way that flatters their bodies ...

and for getting cute haircuts!

1 comment:

jaragon said...

I agree Ken- it's like the set up for a Sean Cody movie and they would make a fine cast

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