Thursday, January 04, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Pavement Cracks' by Annie Lennox

From the "What was I thinking files": I totally adored Annie Lennox's first two solo albums -- and kind of became a much bigger Eurythmics fans as a result, after the fact. So it might surprise you to know that I completely lost interest when her third LP came out, 2003's "Bare." (I blame that horrendous cover art for completely turning me off.)

Here we are 15 years later and I just listened to it for the first time (on YouTube!) and it may be her best yet. I might add that I did buy the followup "Songs of Mass Destruction" but never listened to it until my "Bare" discovery. (I know.) It's not nearly as good, but definitely didn't deserve to be collecting dust in my apartment for a decade.

(Video looks like it's dead but it works.)

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B said...

I think I was about 22-23 when this came out and I remember the remix to Pavement Cracks being everywhere in Houston gay clubs(when dancing was still a thing without having to be a molly circuit queen). I didn't love Bare as much as the previous albums either but I remember enjoying it and definitely dancing more than a few times to the PC mixes.

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