Friday, January 05, 2018

Remains of the Day (01/05)

Bammer47: As if you needed another reason to follow gay historian Mike Balaban's Instagram account

This Mortal Coil: Moses Farrow speaks out about "Mia dearest," Woody and sister Dylan

Dlisted: Caitlyn Jenner hid her gender confirmation surgery from the Kardashians because she didn't trust them

Towleroad: 2018 resolutions all gay men should consider

The Hill: Republican Senators recommend charges(!) against author of Trump dossier, much of which has been verified as true

The WoW Report: Gay Indian prince announces plans to build an LGBTQ center on royal family grounds

TV Line: Did you like Ron Swanson on "Will & Grace"?

The Washington Post: Career prosecutors shut down the Clinton Foundation case in 2016 over lack of evidence, but new interest comes as Donald has taken the highly unusual step of calling for investigations of political rivals

The Advocate: So if this Trump judicial nominee thinks gay judges shouldn't hear cases involving gay people, then should straight white men not hear cases involving straight white men?

Greg in Hollywood: To celebrate Diane Keaton's 72nd birthday, here are some of her magic movie moments

Pink News: Saudi Arabia launches crackdown after alleged gay wedding video goes viral

Gay Star News: Gay couple in Italy found dead after carbon monoxide poisoning

The New York Times: Many feminists have had it with the #MeToo movement, in which women perceive themselves to be as frail as Victorian housewives

The Awl: The adults who love Disney

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: So you say you like men with hairy chests

Outsports: New men's tennis coach at Rutgers-Newark is openly gay and married

The Gay Almanac: Washington state allows Gender X on birth certificates

OMG Blog: So this is what MTV star Ozzy Morales looks like hard

Entertainment Weekly: More photos from the set of "Roseanne 2.0"

The Daily News: Actor Jon Paul Steuer ("Star Trek," "Grace Under Fire") dead at 33

The Randy Report: Barack Obama will be first guest on David Letterman's new Netflix show

HuffPost Queer Voices: "Eat, Pray, Love" author Elizabeth Gilbert's later-in-life lesbian love, Rayya Elias, dies

JoeMyGod: Kayla Moore's "different Jew" isn't actually Jewish

Gr8er Days: David Bowie's first television appearance was to defend his "long" hair

Baseline: Andy Roddick is a daddy again

The Film Experience: Revisiting Meryl Streep's film debut in 1977's "Julia"

Boy Culture: Check out the "Harry Potter" actor who went from an awkward wizard to a beautiful swan

Deep Dish: What an animal -- I thought only cats humped rugs

BosGuy: I give this chest-hair pattern a solid 9

Daily Intelligencer: Republicans turn on Bannon for telling the truth about Trump

Hot Cat of the Day: Why they call this a mouse?

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