Saturday, January 27, 2018

Caroline? Oh!

Not a huge fan of either of their games, but fate finally delivered these two Slamless No. 1s a 50-50 chance to not be able to blow it again. (It reminded me of when Andre Agassi finally won his first major -- at Wimbledon -- because Goran Ivanišević was an even bigger head-case than he was.) 

Caroline's daddy and her daddy

As it would happen, Damian and I were both pulling for Caroline -- and not just because of who's in her box.

Before the match Ben Rothenberg tweeted what I thought was a bitchy analysis of the Dane's career -- that her weeks at No. 1 surpass all of these other multiple Grand Slam champions combined is horrifying to me -- but it turned out he was defending her. But either way, her finally winning a major singles title does help ameliorate some of my misgivings about her, so congrats.

Simona Halep has been up a break in the deciding set in two different Grand Slam finals only to lose them both -- and once to a pipsqueak. Still, with Serena Williams's years(!) numbered, odds are she too will eventually get the monkey off her back. And if she doesn't, it will just confirm that the WTA's rankings system needs a major overhaul. (See also: Safina; Plishkova and Janković.)

Everybody loves a winner ...

Sebastian Korda won the boys’ crown 20 years after dad Petr won the men’s -- and then got banned for doping. Apparently the sister is a champion golfer of sorts, too.

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