Sunday, December 17, 2017

When the Shelley Hack of 'Charmed' Speaks, You Better Listen ...

Here's an idea: Instead of blaming other women for how they did or didn't react, how about men stop sexually abusing them? But if we are foolishly going to go down the “women pointing fingers at women" avenue, could we please put “women who voted for Trump” at the top of the list? 

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UPDATE: Who is prepared to call Meryl Streep a liar now? Read her response to Rose McGowan HERE.


Dwight Williamson said...

I wonder why Rose McGowan settled her law suit for 100,000$ when she has so much anger. She should have strung him up then when she had him backed in a corner. I agree women shaming women not good. I also know , whatever her motive now , as sad as I am for her , It seems publicity is involved. As said before , Why pick on one of the few women braver than Donald Trump willing to go one on one with him.
Obviously she knows Streep will either apologize or remain quiet. Everybody has a story, use it for good or to drive people away!

Mike in Asheville said...


Anonymous said...

amen, and jalapeƱo, kenneth!

no one deserves (or asks) to be sexually harassed, but anyone who voted for our moron-in-chief knew exactly who they were voting for. even he admitted more than once it happened.

outrage today over his behavior after voting him into office comes across as a little disingenuous.

JimmyD said...

I'm with Rose all the way. She was told to shut up ages ago. It's her time.
Dwight? Why don't you ask her? Politely? She's very active on Facebook and Twitter.
It's easy to say Why didn't they... when it's not you.

joel c said...

I have a few issues with Rose McGowan's tactics. If someone's response isn't to her liking she paints them equally as evil as Harvey. Steep had no knowledge of what Harvey did behind closed doors, she wasn't a madam rounding up girls for him to prey upon. Rose has even lashed out as Alyssa Milano for her support of Georgina Chapman, is it so wrong to support the monster's wife because she is leaving him in the wake of the implosion of his empire? McGowan even lashed out to Ryan Gosling because his words did not fit her vision.
People are blindly following McGowan the same person who got a big paycheck for her silence, the same person who was writing a book about her life (you don't think this is going to help her sell copies?) McGowan is lining her pockets from an anger that has come far to late.
It's great that what she did has opened the dialogue for sexual assault and harassment However the movement is on the verge of "jumping the shark" from some of the people crying harassment. So are we to live our lives void of any human contact with each other?

jaragon said...

Mcgowan seems to be auditioning for the next production of "The Crucible". Yes I know I will be accused of victim shaming but there is a point when a social crusade turns into a witch hunt.

JimmyD said...

Rose may be a bit over the top but she was also told to shut up so many times. Now that the doors have been blown wide open, and suddenly her voice is being heard... So many years of frustration...
I wonder if Corey Feldman wouldn't be as nuts today as he is if Barbara Walters hadn't told him, on the air, tho shut up.
Imagine having something so terrible happening to you and nobody believed you.
Streep may have known... or had an idea. She's not stupid. How many celebs have come forward, saying that they did know, or witness behavior. How many have said, "It's just part of the game."
Rose is angry. She has a right to be. Let her.

Dwight Williamson said...

Yes Jimmy D, Kathy Griffith and Rose McGowan deserve their anger . Just let them be prepared to never be hired again by sane people. As for Twitter and Facebook , don’t want them don’t need them and I am old enough to have my own opinions without your help!

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